Bushnell Engage ™ Reviews

The Bushnell Engage ™ is available in different zoom formats and lens diameters: 3-7x36mm ; 3-9x40mm; 4-12x40mm ; 3-12x42mm; 2.5-10x44mm, 4-16x44mm , 3-9x50mm, 6-18x50mm and 6-24x50mm.

The Engage series is not limited to riflescopes since binoculars and spotting scopes are also available under this name.

You will find at the bottom of the page the advantages and disadvantages of this rifle scope, our opinion on this model as well as the list of all existing Engage glasses models.

To know which specificities to choose according to the intended use (Hunting, sport shooting, long distance shooting) we advise you to read our article on how to choose your rifle scope where we also talk in detail about the Bushnell Engage ™ series. We’re also talking about zoom choices with some sample photos of magnification versus distance.


Bushnell Engage – The Advantages :

√ 30-year warranty
√ Zero-setting mechanism usable without tools
√ Magnum-proof
√ Soft and straightforward turret clicks
√ External and lockable turrets
√ MOA reticle allowing immediate shot correction or calculation of distances
√ Quality report exceptional price

Bushnell Engage – The Disadvantages :

× Only 3-12x42mm, 2.5-10x44mm, 4-16x44mm and 6-24x50mm versions have outer turrets with tool-less zeroing mechanism. The other models are equipped with internal hooded turrets.
× Reticle in the second focal plane (MOA values ​​only usable at a magnification determined by the model).

Our opinion on the Bushnell Engage rifle scope

Our opinion on this rifle scope is very positive.
As usual we are never disappointed with Bushnell riflescopes. The Engage is perfect for beginners and advanced alike, it can last a lifetime. Its ease of use and robustness make it ideal for sport shooting, stalking and approach hunting.

The models with lockable external turrets and a tool-less zeroing mechanism make it a very practical rifle scope for sport shooting . Hunters will be able to turn to the hooded internal turret model with a 50mm objective diameter to take advantage of a good twilight index.

When purchasing, be careful not to confuse Engage models with outer turrets ( 3-12x42mm, 2.5-10x44mm, 4-16x44mm and 6-24x50mm ) and models with hooded inner turrets that do not have a reset mechanism . The version without external turrets is aimed at people who are not interested in this feature and who are primarily looking for value for money. Indeed the versions with internal hooded turrets are much cheaper .


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